Live Review: Bury Tomorrow & Loathe - Moles, Bath 09/11/2017

Turning up at Moles not knowing how this gig would turn out, due to Bury Tomorrow not playing this kind of venue on previous tours for the past few years and since then playing plenty of huge venues, was very intriguing and I was excited to see what we were in for.

Kicking off the sold out night in the sweaty basement of Moles were Liverpudlian heavy metal band, Loathe. With all band members looking away from the crowd the hum of the rhythm guitar and bass kicked in with the drums, which kicked off Loathe’s energetic and in-your-face set with a bang. It wasn’t long into Loathe’s second song that the mosh pits started to open up, with basically the whole room bouncing and kicking up a storm, which carried on throughout the whole set. With Loathe finishing their stellar performance on Babylon, their final track on the album, lead vocalist Kadeem France made a B-line for the center of the mosh pit and joined the crowd to finish off their whirlwind of a set.

Loathe - Moles, Bath - 9.11.17

Once Loathe had finished and the Moles room being the quietest and least rowdy it had been all night, it was time for headliners Bury Tomorrow to take the small stage by storm. With lead vocalist Dani Winter-Bates bouncing onto stage they kicked off the set hitting hard with Royal Blood, living up to the name of the Tour (Stage Invasion Tour) it only took the crowd two songs to bundle their way onto stage and join the band while they smashed out An Honourable Reign. With basically the whole crowd on stage Bury Tomorrow were undeterred and carried on slaying their way through their setlist. After a few tracks and crowd resets later, it got to the point where Winter-Bates wanted a circle pit, I’m not quite sure if Moles has had many circle pits in its time but its definitely not designed for it, with many crowd surfers being pushed up against the low cellar ceiling.

Bury Tomorrow - Moles, Bath - 9.11.17

Finishing their insane set off with Man on Fire the whole band encouraged literally the whole crowd on stage, which I would say was a great way to finish off an absolutely phenomenal set in a venue that definitely won’t get played by a band of this calibre in a long time. Overall, a huge set crammed into a tiny room which left everyone happy, sweaty and wanting more.

Review by Jake Haseldine
Photography by Ami Ford