Listen: Holly Havens - 'Breakthrough' (Single)

Michigan-born, Durham-based singer-songwriter Holly Havens makes her 'Breakthrough' with her bold debut single.

Holly Havens' debut single 'Breakthrough' has this whole ethos about it that reminds me a lot of Kelly Clarkson's approach to music. 'Breakthrough' combines pop sensibilities with a powerful rock edge. With its flawless production, intriguing progression from bouyant electronic pop to searing rock and Holly's awesome commanding vocal, this is definitely a 'Breakthrough' that all involved in the making of the track should most certainly be proud of.

On the ideas behind the track Holly (who is also studying a Ph.D in Philosophy) explains, "the inspiration for the song comes from the idea of a breakthrough not being a one-person achievement, but rather a moment of connection that occurs between people."

We hope you connect!

Words of Karla Harris