Introducing: Tarantina

London based artist, producer and singer- songwriter Tarantina shares her peculiar visuals for dark pop single, 'Fables',  the second track to be released from her forthcoming ‘Teething’.

It's always exciting when visionary creatives like Tarantina come along who combine art and music in such a spectacular way, you can tell the direction they are going in as an artist is 100% their own, free from imitation.

Tarantina has released two songs this year, her eerie and addictive single '1/9',  which whirs and writhes like it contains an evil life force. Despite the potency of the track's atmospheric and cinematic arrangements, Tarantina's huge, soulful voice still manages to dominate the song (and its listener) as '1/9' takes dark noir-pop to a whole new, explosive level.

Speaking about 1/9, Tarantina explains, “The breakdown of a turbulent relationship can feel like a death, but 1/9 plays with the idea that this is just the death of one possible route through life. One down, nine to go.”

New single 'Fables' is an equally engrossing  and inventive listening experience. 

Speaking about ‘Fables, Tarantina explains, “Fables is about the lies we tell ourselves; the blinkers we wear to protect us from what we’d rather ignore. I wrote Fables mid flight at high speed after jumping headfirst into a relationship that I knew wasn’t going to end well. (From the video, you can probably tell how that one turned out). The video combines stop motion animation and film and was shot in my bedroom.”

 With the release of each new creation,  Tarantina invites her listener to fall deeper into her incredible imagination and abundance of dark, avant-garde ideas, making it very safe to say there really is no limit in what Tarantina could potentially be capable of.

Words of Karla Harris