Introducing: Saints of Valory

Texas-based alt rockers Saints of Valory release sensual new single, 'RED SMOKE', the third song to be revealed from their upcoming album.

Championing a dedicated DIY ethos, Saints of Valory have released three songs this year from their upcoming album, showcasing an alt rock sound that would sit nicely on your MP3 player alongside the likes of Imagine Dragons, X Ambasadors and The Moth & The Flame.

'SET IT ON FIRE' was the first song to be revealed from the new album, tapping straight into the dark anthemic, stadium rock side of the band - a powerful, rebellious foot stomper of a song -uproarious and defiant,  capturing the feeling of frustration found in the aftermath of The USA's 2016 presidential election.

'PAINKILLER' channels dreamy 80's inspired indie pop/  power pop aesthetics and is lighter in tone both vocally and within the instrumentation, veiled in romanticism as the lead singer croons, "so tonight you'll be my painkiller".

New single 'RED SMOKE' draws its listener into an underworld of  moody and sultry textures - a haunting and electric love story between two people reminiscing their wild youth, telling the story of "lust, love and midnight escapades" inspired by Amsterdam's red light district.

If these three songs are anything to go by, Saints of Valory's new album is looking likely to be  a volatile collection of emotionally charged songs, set to stun.

Words of Karla Harris