Introducing: Harker

We got some excitement thrown at us this week, when Brighton indie-punkers, Harker, announced they were releasing their debut album ‘No Discordance’ this February, and to celebrate the news, they are streaming a new track called '300 Cigarettes'.

Their new track is very old school, oozing vibes of early Jimmy Eat World, with it's infectious rifts and a homage to the classics like The Wedding Present and the Get Up Kids. But despite its poppy feel, the song has a serious message to come with it.

300 cigs is about how people can use others emotional states to gain trust and self-assurance. At most times we can be caring, understanding and loving. But unfortunately, there are some who ignore the consequences of their actions on people, and it highlights a horrible part of human nature. At our worst, we can be self-centred, reserved and unaware of the problems we create within ourselves and within others. The song acts as a remedy to the damage left behind after we cut poisonous people out of our lives.”

Despite starting as an acoustic project, the band have formed themselves in a hard working rock band since forming in 2014, supporting the likes of Creeper, Boston Manor, Moose Blood, Red City Radio & Off With Their Heads and have no plans on slowing down anytime soon, with a tour with Miss Vincent this December -

30 Nov - Subside, Birmingham
1 Dec - Jumpin' Jacks, Newcastle
2 Dec - Single Shot Records, Leeds
2 Dec - Alma Inn, Bolton
3 Dec - Joiners, Southampton

Their album ‘No Discordance’ is out Friday 9th February on Disconnect, Disconnect (UK), Fond of Life (EU), Shield Recordings (EU), Fixing A Hole (JP) and Wiretap Records (USA).

Words by Ant Adams