Foreign Figures - 'Hey Love' (Single & Video)

Alt pop four-piece Foreign Figures reveal emotional performance video for 'Hey Love' - a song about feeling forsaken and forgotten about by love. 

Known for their dynamic alt pop sound, Foreign Figures strip things down to a more organic and serious nature on 'Hey Love'. Largely piano and vocal led, 'Hey Love' builds to a pretty intense cinematic crescendo, coming from a place of heartfelt sincerity and raw emotion.

'Hey Love' is accompanied by an intimate performance video that is very personal to the band. The video is  is a tribute to Landon Lowry, a dear friend of the band who took his life due to a lack of self love. I'm really into these kinds of hugely emotive songs that come from a personal place but are still wholly relatable on a real and intrinsic level. It's very easy to step away from listening to 'Hey Love' feeling like something really special just happened.
Words of Karla Harris