EP Review: Peakes - 'Space'

Atmospheric pop creators Peakes released their new EP 'Space' recently, and we will cut to chase. It is insanely addictive. 

'Saint' is ghostlike and sees the band pushing boundaries with their genre, showcasing their full abilities as musicians. It feels like they are trying to push and challenge their audience, as not one song sounds the same on this EP. Recent single 'Waves', has a coast like feel to it, like as if I am almost sitting there looking out to sea. While 'Space' despite its growing minimal sound at the start, grows as it fills the room as the song goes on.

It feels as though Peakes seriously think about their music, as it seems that with every song on this EP each songs has a purpose and a target goal to reach when it comes to content. It certainly creates a unique genre for the band as Peakes sounds like nothing we have heard at the moment.

Their EP "Space' asks you to challenge yourself as a listener and make you seriously think on what you are listening to, which is what makes the whole EP ridiculously addictive when you listen to it.

Review by Ant Adams