Band of the Week #0025: Happy Accidents

This week's Band Of The Week is London indie-poppers Happy Accidents, who announced their second album 'Everything But The Here and Now' will be coming out on the 16th February via Alcopop Records. To celebrate the news the band released not one but two new singles, 'Wait It Out / A Better Plan'

And we are not going to lie! We are jiggling around in our pants with excitement from them!

On top of all of that, the band are also sharing a split video for the two tracks, which sees the band taking full creative reign as they directed and shot the video themselves.

"We kept swapping who was filming, which is why all three of us aren't ever in the same shot. There's no grand concept, but the video is an extension of the visual themes of the record. Since the album's the first thing we've made since really settling in London, we wanted the videos to be a snapshot of the parts of the city that aren't just shops and swarms of people (if you get there really early in the morning).”

The album sees the band dramatically growing, and pushing their sound by working with Hookworm's Matthew “MJ” Johnson (Drenge, Doe, Martha, Honeyblood). The new record sees drummer Phoebe helping out with joint lead vocals for the first time, with the videos helping to showcase this.

“It sometimes feels like a new band, so to split the video down the middle felt like the only way to give a proper taste of what’s to come.”

We have always been a huge fan of these guys, but we see them develop and growing into something bigger but while also holding onto that DIY ethic they have as a band. It sees us excited and eager to hear this new album more than every now.

So February hurry up! So we can listen to it!

Words by Ant Adams