Band of the Week #0023: Hockey Dad

Photo Credit: Joseph Carckett
This week's Band of the Week is Australian surf rockers Hockey Dad, who announced the details of their album 'Blend Inn', and released a highly visual video for latest single 'Homely Feeling'.

The new single oozes old school music channels, the early days of watching Scuzz and MTV2, it has that old 90s vibe to it, with an equally similar video to go with it. Hockey Dad has something about them that is very youthful, which is clearly winning the hearts of everyone who listens to them.

It has been eighteen months since the band released their debut album 'Boronia', and it since then the band have been touring aggressively, which has given them time to reflect on themselves and their music.

“We’re still kids,” reflects Fleming “But we’re just a little bit more... tinged”

Their album was recorded at Robert Lang Studios, which has hosts its own history. Nirvana recorded their last single in there before Kurt Cobain died, and the microphone still hangs there in his honor. Bands like Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains and Death Cab For Cutie have all recorded there, so maybe Hockey Dad are the next band to be added to that list.

The single 'Homely Feeling' is out now on all streaming platforms, and LP 'Blend Inn' will be out on 9th February via LAB Records.

Words by Ant Adams