Single Review: Iris Lune - 'Lost In Chatter'

Brooklyn art-pop quartet Iris Lune release groove-inducing new single, 'Lost In Chatter'. 

I feel like a really happy puppet on a string every time  'Lost in Chatter' starts up. Something about the song has this super compelling, involuntary and inescapable effect of making your body move to the music as the band draw their listener deeper into their Alice in Wonderland inspired rabbit hole of sound.

While the groove is present through the majority of the track, Iris Lune take the time to explore artsy, avant garde play on dynamics. This means the song in its entirety has the effect of making me feel like a child playing musical statues/ freeze dance, as the dance elements ebb and flow between electronic experimentation that offers pause and space for lyrical contemplation.

'Lost in Chatter' is a curious alt pop track displaying a vivaciousness and infectiousness that is an absolute joy to listen to. However,  it is important to note the song has more of a complex theme than the feel good vibes suggest, It's about being drowned by all the noise around you, by all the peripherals," says frontwoman Ella Joy. "It's about awakening and realizing that there is so much wrong around us".

Words of Karla Harris

'Lost In Chatter', is the title track taken from Iris Lune's sophomore EP, set for release Nov. 28 via AWAL.