The Band Explains: Sad Palace - 'Frostbeat' (Video)

South Coast indie-rockers Sad Palace talk to us about their Greek Mythology inspired visuals for their latest music video for 'Frostbeat', and how they got rather hands on with an organ. 

Where was the video filmed?
The Frostbeat video was filmed at Butser Hill in Hampshire which is a place that we all like for its views. We've chased a few failed Chinese lanterns across the fields there for fear of them setting fire to the place. It took a day to film with lots of back and forth with a single camera, sunburn and back ache.

How does the video compliment the song?
The song has a lonely feeling so we wanted to have a sense of seclusion in the video too, with a lonesome character going about his task in this big open space.

Any behind the scenes stories?
There was a moment when we noticed the park warden driving across the landscape in our direction, we thought there might be some problem, but he was just curious, and confused.

The trail we were on is a popular walking path, so every 10 minutes someone would cross paths with us and we'd have to explain once again that we were filming a video...they also looked confused.

Other than that it was just some guys sweating it out as they tried to heave a heavy organ up a giant hill, it also dawned on us that we forgot to bring any sunscreen with us, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, we were just a little bit sore by the end of the day. The things you do for music..

What is the video trying to convey and tell us about the ideas/themes/imagery used?
The idea behind the video was to mirror the loneliness of the song without being sad. We borrowed the story from a bit of Greek mythology. The struggle of towing a heavy object uphill only to have it crumble at the end and repeat is kind of a nod to how it can feel at times putting all you have into creativity or just life in general.

'Frostbeat' is available to stream now, and will also be available as a limited edition cassette for Cassette Store Day 2017 (October 14th).