The Band Explains: Massmatiks - 'One Foot In This Club' (Video)

Indie alternatives MASSMATIKS revealed their brand new music video for single 'One Foot In This Club' earlier this week, we had a brief chat with them about it. 

Where was the video filmed?
We shot the video at Martin's work in the metal factory. It was dangerous, sharp bits of metal everywhere! We spent hours blacking out the windows to make sure we got consistent lighting so the whole shoot took a long time.

How does the video compliment the song?
'One Foot In This Club' is about how rubbish clubs can be. We didn’t really want to connect the video to the song as it would be to obvious. So we came up with this idea with our director, Theo Gelernter, and just went with it.

The video gets very hands on, bet there was lots of bruises the next morning?
I got hurt so much during this. The bit where I get kicked off the chair hurt so much and it took like 5 takes to get right.
My brother, Lewis Peploe, is a fight director so he taught me a lot on how to fall but I’m no expert. Also took an elbow to the face and a couple of knees.
Iv been kickboxing for 20 years so I suppose I should be use to it.

Any behind the scenes stories?
To be honest the day ran pretty smoothly. While we were doing the fight scene Martin, Joe and Josh just layed on the floor asleep all day, which was great for them because they were hung over.

What is the video trying to convey and tell us about the ideas/themes/imagery used?
I’m sure people will pluck all Sorts of different meanings with me captured and fighting myself.
There was a slight underlining meaning of the industry wanting you to be someone your not. But if I’m completely honest I just like the idea of seeing myself fight myself. We got the idea originally from the scene in ledgend where the Kray twins are fighting themselves.

'One Foot In This Club' is out now