The Artist Explains: Ailbhe Reddy - 'The Tube'

Irish indie folk artist Ailbhe Reddy speaks to us about the love story depicted in her visuals for 'The Tube'. 
'The Tube' sees Ailbhe Reddy blend brooding atmospherics with upbeat hooks, delivering another compelling song, rich in substance and in style.

Ailbhe Reddy Explains
Where was the video for 'The Tube' filmed?
Around Dublin, my hometown.

How does the video/ footage compliment the song?
It's directed by an incredibly talented director called Charlie Joe Doherty. We discussed what I wanted the video to represent for a few months. I'm not an actor and I just really wanted to have a convincing narrative for this one. We spent 2 days shooting it around Dublin with a wonderful bunch of people. We wanted something set in a city, with the two girls having fun on the train and around car parks/playgrounds etc.

I wanted it to be a simple love story set in a city, I think for a 3 minute video it's nice to keep a simple narrative!

Ailis Mara styled and cast the video. So she is responsible for that. It was really nice to watch the video for the first time too, because I find it hard to watch myself on video. I think it's only natural to be critical of your own acting. So it was just a lot easier and more fulfilling to have the two wonderful actors Jodie and Roberta involved. They also had great chemistry!

Any behind the scenes stories?
I actually was only around for a few hours of the filming, as I was in the studio that week. I was there for the scenes with the trolleys though, that was very fun and i think everyone had a go jumping in a trolley and flying around.

Is there a message you hope people take away from watching the video?
I wanted to portray a simple love story, I think that's instantly relatable. It was also important for me to show two female leads and stay true to the song.

Interview feature by Karla Harris