Single Review: AUSTEN - 'Storm'

Brisbane-based indie-electronic artist, AUSTEN shares compelling new single ‘Storm’ – produced and recorded by James Angus (Midas.Gold, Carmouflage Rose, Gill Bates).

AUSTEN's 'Storm' is a perfect example of the kind of compelling and intricate electronic pop that I find connectivity with. From dark and brooding textures to airy and euphoric, AUSTEN's 'Storm' is an addictive 3 minutes and 30 seconds of engaging stream of consciousness lyricism, delivered through an ethereal vocal, which in its entirety mimics the rush felt from the early stages of falling for someone.

'Storm is executed in such a way, AUSTEN has created her own world where she is fully in control of  disrupting nature's elements herself and it's a song where you feel every shuddering second of the tempestuous emotion it unleashes. It knocks you off your feet!

On the track AUSTEN explains, “I wrote Storm in one shot which just started with the line ‘I was talking to myself’ - the whole first verse is just exactly what I was doing / feeling before I picked up a pen and started writing. It was the start of me falling for someone and how in that moment everything is so insane and you feel like you’re in the eye of this whirlwind going on around you. All that energy is coming from that person or from the synthesis of you two together. The lyrics just follow my train of thinking and this process of falling for someone and realising how much that person affects you, and I love the metaphor of the song because for me a storm in the distance is thrilling and exciting if you don’t think you’re going to be hurt by it".

Words of Karla Harris
'Storm' is out now and available via Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and all other good digital retailers.