The Artist Explains: Roo Panes - 'A Message To Myself' (Single)

Classical folk pop artist Roo Panes  speaks to us about his sublime new single, 'A Message To Myself', out now via CRC Music. 
Produced by Bassi Fox (Mt. Wolf) 'A Message To Myself' is Roo Panes' first single since the release of his 2016 Sophomore album ‘Paperweights.  'A Message To Myself' is a sparse and ethereal offering, exploring solitude and embracing transcendence.

Roo Panes Explains

"Well, 'A Message To Myself' has been around for a little while. I had the minimalist piano riff which is the spine of the track for a year or so, but it all came together pretty recently as a piece of writing. It's a song about getting away from all the loud voices around you so you can work out how you feel, and hear your own mind. But in a way its less about hearing your own voice than it is about searching for a higher voice and embracing it as your own. I felt that the track was asking for a certain kind of treatment, it needed to be intimate like thoughts, but also vast like thoughts. I needed it to be calm and chaotic at the same time. Bassi Fox from Mount Wolf had some great experience with sound-scaping, so it was great to work with him on this. It was a song of stages, because the first thing I did was sit down with a mate from a band called Wovoka gentle and play with his analog synths and Rhodes key board to get some interesting sounds, some of which Bassi and I took on all the way into the final edit. But the process took a couple of months of backwards and forwards until we felt it was right. I loved working on this song!"

Interview Feature by Karla Harris