Listen: Roiael - 'Dancin'gods' (Single)

Notingham born singer-songwriter Roiael returns with another solemnly beautiful acoustic single, 'Dancin'gods'.

Since I got introduced to Roiael back in August when he shared his heartfelt single, 'Empty House',  I always have to gear myself up for the way his music evokes an emotional response from me.  Right now, Roiael is making very moving and sincere music full of remorse, regret and the loneliness found from loving and losing too deeply.

New single, 'Dancin'gods' is another heartachingly beautiful song, displaying Roiael's radiant and wavering vocal against a solely acoustic and atmospheric backdrop. Roiael finds strength in the way he makes himself vulnerable, weaving poetic lyricism through melancholia without becoming self pitying.  

Instead his music is transfixing, in a very special and relatable way that makes me awash with emotion. Roiael takes sadness and turns it into something truly beautiful.

Words of Karla Harris