On Tour With: Canvas

With less than a week to go until Basick Records lads, Canvas, release their debut album 'Worry', the band plan to hit the road as soon as it is released on a long list of dates in the UK and Europe. We had a chat with vocalist Rickey Clarke, about van life and tour experiences.

Are you excited about the tour? What is the best bits you look forward to when hitting the road?

Yes! I am very excited
I can’t wait to get back out playing shows. 

I love playing new material and seeing what songs get the best reactions I also look forward to catching up with friends we have met out on the road previously! 

What the main tour essentials you pack and why? 

I travel very light, my only essential is a tooth brush to be honest. I can live without the other stuff!

Best tour experience 

Supporting Comeback Kid, one of my favourite bands and to this day I still get goosebumps thinking about it.

Worst tour experience

Probably breaking down in the south of France and being stuck there for 2 days. At one point it looked like we were going to have to sleep on the street.

Who has the most disgusting habits on the tour bus? And what is it? 

I think we are all pretty guilty of doing at least one scumbag thing whilst on tour!

What can we expect from this tour? Is there anything new in the set list? 

We have put together a set list that I am extremely proud of, including some of our favourite tracks off the record and some older singles too. It is much faster paced than our summer set list for sure! 

If you could tour with anyone, who would it be and why? 

Probably Glassjaw, they are my favourite aggressive band by a mile and getting to support them and see them play every night would be overwhelming.

What is your tour playlist? 

'Worry' is out on Basick Records on the 6th October.

Canvas Tour Dates

07.10.2017 - Leeds UK, Santiagos
08.10.2017 - Sheffield UK, Record Junkie
09.10.2017 - Cardiff UK, The Full Moon
10.10.2017 - Bristol UK, The Exchange
11.10.2017 - Plymouth UK, Underground
12.10.2017 - London UK, Black Heart
14.10.2017 - Gouda NL, Studio Gonz*
15.10.2017 - Mannheim DE, Juz*
17.10.2017 - Wiesbaden DE, Kulturpalast*
18.10.2017 - Moers DE, Bolwerk 107*
19.10.2017 - Prague CZ, Klub 007*
20.10.2017 - Hof DE, Luftkeller*
21.10.2017 - Plochingen DE, Juze*
23.10.2017 - Munich DE, Rumours^
24.10.2017 - Vienna AT, Das Bach^
25.10.2017 - Budapest HU, Durer Kert^
26.10.2017 - Verona IT, The Factory^
27.10.2017 - Rimini IT, Wave Club^
28.10.2017 - Turin IT, TBC^
29.10.2017 - Geneva CH, Champmesle^

* w/ My Only
^ w/ Tripsitter


09.11/2017 - Guildford UK, Boileroom
10.11.2017 - Bridgwater UK, Cobblestones
12.11.2017 - Ashford UK, The Attic