Madeleine Dopico - 'Poor Decision Making' (EP Review)

Madeleine Dopico's new 4-track concept EP allows her listener into the most vulnerable corners of her mind as she addresses the 'Poor Decision Making' in her personal life. 

From it's heavenly, acapella opening, 'Disclaimer' to its smoky, dramatized, closing track 'Wake Up',  'Poor Decision Making' is an EP that unleashes its full potential when listened to in its entirety. With just her arresting vocal guiding the listener in 'Disclaimer' is a wonderful way to start the EP, describing her internal struggle at dealing with the emotions that came from giving into a night of seduction with the flame who broke her heart.

The EP excitingly transitions from track to track with a graceful and buoyant fluidity. 'Saturday Night' begins the track with organic floor toms and live cello, a sea of playful melodies that begins the EPs concept with the relatable story: getting a call from a former flame late at night.

'With The Lights Out' is a twinkly, airy, rolling track that explores both the organic and electronic sides to her sound that we saw in 'Nice Boy' but with a more retro feel to the electronic elements. Uplifting in nature, there's optimism and hope of new beginnings here as Madeleine ponders if it's worth letting her old love back in, "Maybe with the lights out we can find our old selves, that we're missing. Maybe with the lights out, we can find there's something else, we didn't know we're missing" showing just how deep devotion can go.

'Wake Up' is a gloriously heart wrenching song with dramatic, cinematic flair. Thunderous claps of percussion, sophisticated keys, and swelling strings capture the moment when Madeleine Dopico takes the plunge, only to wake up, in several senses, and realise that none of the affection she received was real and she had been used as she poignantly admits, "When we wake up, I won't be good enough for you, will I?" before achingly admitting, "of course I came, I wouldn't leave you alone". showing just how deep devotion can go.

'Poor Decision Making' is 4 tracks of intimately and evocatively crafted songs that shows Madeleine  prowess as both a lyricist and a musician with a keen interest in dynamics and affecting arrangements. It also allows both herself and her listener to explore her incredible vocal, playing with conventional melodies but also adding versatility and dramatisation that only adds to her authenticity. Madeleine Dopico should be doing nothing else but making music.

Words of Karla Harris