Live Review: Will Joseph Cook - Electric Ballroom, London 21/10/2017

Sweet dreamer Will Joseph Cook headlines Electric Ballroom with support from dancing duo Park Hotel and rockers Indigo Husk.

Immediately engaging loads of loving teenage fans simply by his appearance, he starts with the enthusiastic ‘Biggest Fan’ as he sings “Got your picture on my phone, got tickets to your show” settled against a grooving baseline.

The knack for infectious melodies is at the forefront of title track ‘Sweet Dreamer’. This kickstarted another level of atmosphere as the audience soon turned into a jumping frenzy, fuelled with fun which went onto continue before lancing into the anthemic track ’Treat Me Like A Lover’. Slowing the pace with its soft intro and swooping vocals, it took control of every member of the crowd who swayed rhythmically to the beat completely caught in a trance.

Tropical pop tune ‘Plastic’ followed which keep the consistent buzz as Will croons “I just don’t feel like dancing on my own”. Sugar-coated banger ‘If You Want To Make Money’ is his first track from his upcoming EP. Having both style and solidity, his new material managed to keep everyone captivated with his usual bouncy rhythm.

Will Joseph Cook - Electric Ballroom - 21/10/17 - London

Filled with a sun-bleached melody and sickly sweet disjointed guitar riffs,'Beach (I Wanna Make You Mine)’ easily becomes the climax of the triumphant set. Without a doubt it was the most community feeling gig for everyone, all we needed was a festival field and sunshine.

Tracks from Will’s first EP, like ‘Daisy Chains’ make a surprise appearance, which are just as well received as his newest material, sailing effortlessly into the set. This truly shows his incredible vocal range as he effortless slides in and out of an impressive falsetto.

With soaring ‘Girls Like Me’ as the finale, this pop whirlwind sends the crowd into hysterics with confetti filling the large, colourful room of screaming fans and flying hands. The venue retains an aura of magic as everyone stands in disbelieve as he left the stage with a huge grin. It was hard leaving without quickly becoming his biggest fan

Review and Photography by Lauren McDermott