Live Review: Thy Art Is Murder - Club Academy, Manchester 06/10/2017

Following the brutal sets by Oceano and After the Burial, Thy Art Is Murder absolutely decimated Manchester’s Club Academy.

After borrowing security from another venue, due to the insane amount of crowd surfing and moshing occurring. The band proceeeded to melt the faces of anyone within a couple metres of them by playing songs such as ‘Holy War’ and ‘Purest Strain of Hate’. Shortly after taking down his hooded cloak around halfway through the set CJ couldn’t help but get into the crowd and seemed to christen one of the crowd members with his mic. They even included guest vocals from This is Turin’s vocalist Daz before the night was over. To end a night full of anger, community and great music, Thy Art Is Murder ended with an encore and played ‘Reign of Darkness’. A great concert with a great crowd. Anyone who was there would gladly tell you the atmosphere was absolutely amazing.

Thy Art Is Murder - Club Academy - 6/10/17 - Manchester

Photography by Tomm Lee