Live Review: Sløtface - Camden Assembly, London

Photo - Ant Adams

Sløtface are a band that has gained so much speed this year, with intense touring has seen them gain a huge amount of interest from the indie music scene, we captured all the madness from their recent sold out Camden Assembly show last month.

Crashing straight into debut album opener 'Magazine' sees the room instantly turn into a frenzy, with mini mosh pits breaking out across the room. We have seen this band mostly play support slots this year, or small festival sets of say thirty minutes. So for them to pull off a full hour headline set, was simply impressive and also an absolute delight. Their ability to hold their crowd for that long, and to keep the energy going was inspiring. For a new band to be able to control a crowd they way they did was scary, but in a good way. Watch out the indie rock live music scene, because Sløtface are taking over.

Slotface - Camden Assembly - 25/10/2017

The band are a new breed of garage pop-rock, reminding us of the early days of No Doubt but with a hint of Brody Dalle thrown in. They play fast, and hard throughout their debut album heavy set list. And you can see the band getting more and more into it as they feed off the audience, Haley Shea takes every moment she can to get stuck in with the crowd, surfing and diving in on many occasions throughout the night, and the audience welcome it.

This is just the start for Sløtface, this run of small venues across the UK has seen a number of dates say those bold words 'SOLD OUT' next to them, and quite frankly we are not surprised. This band have worked their arse this year, and have been a dominate force on the live circuit. So for them to have a full blown manic energy sold out London room. They truly deserve it.

Watch up indie rock, because Sløtface is coming at you, and they mean business.

Photography and Live Review by Ant Adams