Live Review: Diet Cig & The Spook School - Moth Club, London 24/10/2017

Photo - Ant Adams

Witnessing Diet Cig live is like encountering a giant box of puppies for the first time, there is just so much energy and joy contained in such small objects. We caught there first of their two sold out shows at London's Moth Club, along with Scottish four-piece The Spook School

The Spook School impress us with their fast and energetic indie-pop, along with some amazing on stage banter, and we are not going to lie, they are probably one of our favorite new discoveries this month. The band talk and sing about LGBT topics, as they call themselves a 'queer-band', the UK has an amazing rising queer music scene at the moment, and with bands sounding like this, we can see the scene getting the attention it truly deserves.

The Spook School - Moth Club - 24/10/2017

Up next is Diet Cig, and from the moment go they are infectious!

Starting their set with lead album single 'Sixteen', a song about sleeping with another person called Alex. As soon as Alex Luciano speaks those words, READY? The rollercoaster begins! She throws herself across the stage like a small child on Red Bull. Legs flying, climbing on the Noah's kick drum. You can't help but feed off her energy and get in the same state of mind as she is. This is what we love about Diet Cig, their ability to make everyone smile all the way to the back of the room.

Diet Cig - Moth Club - 24/10/2017

Rock and Roll has always been a tough place for women, so when Luciano tackles that issues on stage, explaining to us that it is for everyone. It is inspiring. She welcomes and thanks Moth Club for creating such a safe space for everyone, with it's gender mutual toilets and it's openness to welcome everyone from all backgrounds. Firstly not many venues in London have that, and for a band to discuss this on stage is refreshingly brilliant.

Diet Cig have always been up for a party, with balloons everywhere around the room, even Luciano was unable to contain herself as she jumps into the crowd for set closer 'Harvard' and jumps around with everyone. Despite only being a band for two years, we reckon the Diet Cig party is just getting started!

Review and Photography by Ant Adams