Live Review: Chon & Yvette Young - The Garage, London 16/10/2017

Guitar wizards Chon accompanied their most recent LP release “Homey” with a UK tour. Their London date at The Garage, Highbury was met with a huge crowd and plenty of good vibes.

Lone support for the night is Yvette Young (also of Covet). An outstanding guitarist in her own right, she rightly deserves her place on this stage tapping and finger picking with absolute ease. Most people would be forgiven for having expected a solo set with some of her work on electric guitar however for forty minutes it’s only the acoustic guitar that gets played. The crowd (which is sizable already) is quiet and contemplative.

Yvette Young - The Garage - 16/10/17 - London

Chon come on stage to a rapturous applause. Material both new and old makes for a really enjoyable hour opening with Sleepy Tea and ending on fan favourite Perfect Pillow. As an instrumental band, there’s little dialogue between band and audience save for Mario asking whether moshing is a thing that we do “over here” and during in the last track the crowd show him exactly that – bodies flail and jump along with the shouts of “woo” where there should be pinched harmonics. Chon definitely don’t disappoint and I’d happily see them live again.

Chon - The Garage - 16/10/17 - London

Review and Photography by Rhys Haberfield