LIVE REVIEW: Barns Courtney - Camden Dingwalls, London 29/09/17

British-American rocker Barns Courtney headed back to the UK for his album launch ‘The Attractions of Youth’. In Camden, we caught him at Dingwall's to check out what this new album had to offer live…

A full and sweaty venue waited in anticipation for Barns Courtney to waltz confidently onto stage, bringing along his sensational presence. Showcasing his magnificent masterpiece of an album, Barns bursts with the fire and enthusiasm of a young artist on the edge of stardom.

Blazing singles ‘Fire’ and ‘Glitter & Gold’ catapult his momentum, with foot-stomping rock ’n’ roll vibes spread amongst the crazy crowd.‘Hellfire’ also blasted its way onto the setlist with a vigorous tempo and sweeping dynamics, undoubtably creating Courtney’s usual energetic atmosphere.

Welcomed to the stage was saxophonist John Waugh as track ‘The Attractions of Youth’ played. With sounds of jazz infused harmonies and soaring sounds, everyone is completely blown away. Seeping pop-folk,’Golden Dandelions’s sing-along chorus sees Barns’s raspy voice float; “She said lay me down in golden dandelions/ cos I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life”.

In 'Goodbye John Smith’ and ‘Little Boy’ we see the slower side with more of a bluesy tone. Everyone watches intensively as we see him fragile and exposed in the spotlight. However, by the end of his set, Barns Courtney mingles within the audience and has everyone eagerly lowered to the ground. With an explosion of excitement, the tempo was ringing high yet again. It’s clear to say that Courtney is a star frontman in the making.

Review and Photography by Lauren McDermott