Live Review: The Amazons & The Pale White - O2 Kentish Town Forum, London 12/10/2017

After presenting a portfolio of raw rock ’n’ roll bangers, The Amazons have grown immensely throughout 2017. Beginning to take over with a bold gnarly sound, we went to see them at their huge headline show at O2 Forum Kentish Town.

Kicking off the night was support act Newcastle trio The Pale White. Mixing with the drum and bass, vocalist Adam Hope’s soaring vocals captures everyones attention. With songs such as ‘Deceiver’ and ‘That Dress’ the set was continuously gaining in delightful momentum. As drummer Jack Hope aggressively hits the drums, each track happily thundered round this victorious venue.

The Pale White - O2 Forum - 12/10/17 - London

Next was The Amazons. Bursting on with pop rock ‘Ultraviolet’, in front of an impressive set of lighting and stage production. Having an electric undertone, this track immediately awakens the thriving crowd. ‘Burn My Eyes’ and ‘Stay With Me’ soon follow displaying the Amazons usual grungy rock style. With layered vocals, thumping drums and riveting riffs, each songs display qualities that are characterised by sweeping sounds and racing movements.

Alongside groovy bass rhythms, intense drums and towering vocals, ’Nightdriving’ smashes its way onto the setlist. Crazy teens are yet again set off throwing bottles and cups in the air like rockets. Soon after is ‘Black Magic/ Millions (The party)’ taking more of a playful approach to the youth quartets revered alt-rock aggression. Their relentless rhythmic drive continues throughout, with overpowering guitars alongside Matt Thomson’s immense vocal range.

The Amazons - O2 Forum - 12/10/17 - London

Similarly, ‘Little Something’ follows showing building sounds and intriguing lyrical content. Red and orange lights blaze from the stage like fire with the band eagerly charge round stage. Encore piano ballad ‘Palace’ freezes the motion as everyone watches Thomson vulnerably sit at a grand piano in the spotlight. With shifting tempos and gorgeously touching vocals, everyone respectively watches as he sings, “Come out dancing with me tonight”.

Triumphant ‘Junk Food Forever’ ends the exciting evening with the mammoth mosh pit taking over the whole ground floor. After seeing these guys smash their biggest show yet, The Amazons are undoubtedly well on their way to becoming formidable rock sensations.

Review and Photography by Lauren McDermott