Live Review: Allusondrugs - O2 Academy 2, Oxford 30/09/2017

It was a dark and windy night in Oxford but that wasn’t going to dampen the fact that grunge-pop superstars Allusondrugs were here to play supposedly one of their last shows of the year!!

As soon as they took to the stage you could tell the band and the audience were here to party for the next hour! The energy onstage was electrifying, countless funky riffs and Jason’s incredible grungy vocals made every song sound like a masterpiece. A few highlight would be ‘I should have gone to Uni’ which had the audience blasting out their best sing-a-long voices (not to mention myself included), ‘Am I Weird?’ was greeted with a huge level of appreciation from its catchy chorus and ingenious lyrics to the mosh pit worthy final 30 seconds; every part was killer!!

Allusondrugs - O2 Academy 2 Oxford - Oxford - 30/09/17

Allusondrugs are a band that never seem to disappoint live, countless annoyingly catchy tunes that get stuck in your head and enough sass to sink a ship! As much as I enjoyed the set it was not long enough; I would have happily stood there and watched another hour of their grungy euphoria. I hope to catch Allusondrugs again soon, hopefully at a festival next year or hopefully another intense headline show; with the performance they seem to put out every time I would be happy with anything!!

Photography and Review by Joe Dick