Single Review: Young Mister - 'Infinite Space'

Young Mister shares 'Infinite Space', the lead single from his upcoming EP 'Soft Rock'.

Young Mister is the project of  North Carolina songwriter Steven Fiore (who is sometimes accompanied by a band of musicians)  and this November will see him embark on his first European tour with dates supporting British guitarist Albert Lee in Germany and The Netherlands, as well as stops here in the UK in support of "Soft Rock".

'Infinite Space' is a really special song which presents itself as both an imaginative love letter to extraterrestrial life, (inspired by a podcast discussing the possibilities of extraterrestrial life) and taps into love and loneliness on a very human level that is wholly relatable.

On the track, Fiore says “One contributor stated that he believed life existed elsewhere but was heartbroken by the fact that we may never get to see their faces. This struck a chord in me, as the true nerd in me is also saddened at the thought of never meeting aliens. I’ve often felt like a loner growing up, as if no one truly understood me, so I tied the sentiment from the podcast into the idea that maybe the only beings that I could ever truly identify with are living somewhere in a galaxy far, far away—too far to ever reach”.

Tenderly crafted, 'Infinite Space' is born from folk roots, warm, romanticized textures, affecting arrangements and features beautiful backing vocals from Christie Dupree of the bands Eisley and Merriment. Young Mister's vocal is honest and soothing but also aching with sentimentality, displaying no sign of hostility in case any aliens are in fact reading this and want to reach out. We'd probably recommend trying his social media pages first.

Words of Karla Harris

'Soft Rock' EP is due for release 27th October via BMG's "The Den" division. A follow-up LP is currently being wrapped up at Forty-One Fifteen in Nashville, TN with plans for a 2018 release.