Single Review: Rina Mushonga - 'Jungles'

Dutch-Zimbabwean warrior princess of experimental pop, Rina Mushonga returns with new single, 'Jungles' the second song to be taken from her forthcoming album.

'Jungles' is a vibrant song as diverse and interesting as Peckham, the London town in which she currently finds herself residing. Comprised of dense splashes of electro, that materialise as if they are attempting to transform and squirm out of the soundscape, refusing to be held down or rooted. 'Jungles' also incorporates groove laden melodies, with catchy afro pop beats to create skiddery and muddled layers, making me think of what it feels like to be lost and spiralling in an unfamiliar city.

With that in mind, 'Jungles' is a story essentially about abandonment and embracing change. It documents the journey of two friends who move to the city, only for one to leave the other and is narrated from the point of view of the one who has been deserted. It addresses the idea of home not being a place but a person and looks at the rush of emotion that comes from being emotionally if not physically displaced.

On relocating and the track itself, Rina explains:  "I think what instantly made me fall in love with Peckham is its mixed-up-ness. This fresh blend of different cultures and scenes. It has a real transient energy and still maintains a palpable sense of community that I really connect with. I suppose ‘Jungles' kind of reflects loosely though on the often frustrating process through disillusionment and unrequited love in search for self-acceptance and a place to lock into."

Rina Mushonga has been working with Grammy award winning producer Brett Shaw on her new material and with her new album scheduled for early 2018, we can't wait to see what other riches the album has to offer.

Words of Karla Harris 

'Jungles' is available to stream now but due for release on September the 6th via [PIAS].