Listen: REFS - 'Fool' (Single)

New York duo REFS return with irresistible new indie pop/rnb hybrid single, ‘Fool’.

REFS show their teeth on new single, 'Fool', an intimate and emotionally charged song featuring primitive rolling percussion, subtle, warm synth and an impassioned soulful vocal. The track moves with a rhythmic fluidity, methodical in its arrangements - providing a solid foundation to anchor the raw emotion in the vocal and the lyrical theme.

'Fool' is a confessional song which documents the beast within us that reveals itself when we are hurting and our pride is wounded. It toys with the initial instinct to lash out in spite at the person we believe to be the cause. Caught in the place where love and hate overlap until we lose sight of who we are.

As the track draws to a close, the soundscape becomes lighter, as if the internal storm has passed and the narrator finds some form of relief and rationality taking responsibility for their own part in the conflict, "what if you're right and I'm wrongI've been holding on to grudges for too long. Sterilised and stupid, growing fake and foolish...". 

'Fool' follows on from the duo's trio of recent singles 'Pain Goes Away', 'Forever', and 'Spotlight' (which collectively amassed over 4 million total streams and appeared on HBO 'Girls', The CW's 'Riverdale' and MTV 'Scream') - and is a track that is sure to see the duo continue their musical journey on an upward trajectory.

Words of Karla Harris