Single Review: HAWK - 'Below'

Berlin-based alternative outfit HAWK streams stunning celestial grunge single, 'Below'.

'Below' is another excellent example of the yin and yang that HAWK infuse into their music. Light, ethereal and delicate arrangements offer the predictably gentle, feminine and elegant opening that we have come to expect from the band, before they kick things up a notch, offering an antithesis of dark shadows, swirling grungy guitar work, harrowing drums and searing impassioned vocals.

Every time I listen to HAWK I am always in awe at the haunting and effortless way they lure their listeners in with spacious, gleaming soundscapes before hitting hard, removing some of the oxygen from the air, tightening their arrangements and almost creating a suffocating atmosphere. An atmosphere that completely represents the frustration the band feel at many of Ireland's policies, with special attention to abortion laws, as lead singer Julie explains:

“as an Irish woman, both looking back at how women were treated in the past and the desperate lack of progress today, I feel betrayed by my country. We’re still fighting for basic reproductive rights for women and seeing an embarrassing response from our government.”

HAWK powerfully and evocatively touch upon all the right nerves that need to be pressed so that their listener understands the magnitude of the songs they are creating.

Words of Karla Harris 

Also available to stream on Spotify, 'Below' is part of the band's new AA-side 'Can’t Explain / Below', out on 17th November 2017 via Veta Records.