Single Review: Kingdom of Birds - 'Tired'

Toronto's Kingdom of Birds return with dynamic indie rock offering, 'Tired'. 

Kingdom of Birds have been very busy since we last featured them in March off the back of their moving single, 'Rain Song'. This summer saw them appear at a major music festival alongside the likes of Portugal. The Man, Feist and Broken Social Scene. The older members have started high school, and they've also recorded and mixed 12 new songs for their upcoming album, 'Pretty'.

When listening to their music, it's very hard to remember that they are by far the youngest band we have ever featured on the blog, and quite possibly, the youngest we ever will. Now a three-piece, Kingdom of Birds is Ása Berezny, Sam Heggum-Truscott, and Zeul Mordasiewicz (14, 10, and 14 years of age respectively) and the talent and maturity that they exhibit always blows my mind!

Led by a haunting and charming vocal, 'Tired' is an atmospheric and affecting offering with a very catchy hook. The song alternates between down tempo, melodic, brooding arrangements and energetic, frenetic instrumentation, showing that Kingdom of Birds are not only highly skilled musicians, but proficient at delivering music that packs a huge emotional punch.

This is a band who knows how to play their listeners heart strings as effectively as they play their instruments and they hit me right in the feelings every time I listen to them.

Words of Karla Harris