Introducing: YØUTH - 'Alright, Kid' (Single)

Nashville indie rock artist YØUTH has released 'Alright, Kid' the third single from his upcoming full-length, 'Blame'.

YØUTH is the project of Julian Denté who has brought your favourite emo-tinged indie rock/ power pop/ alt rock influences of the 00's and skillfully introduced them to 2017. Executed in such a way it's very difficult to not stir the interest of anyone who excitedly rode the emo-indie rock wave at its peak.

Yes, while many of my favourite bands/ artists of this genre are still going (Jimmy Eat World, Brand New, Nada Surf, Alkaline Trio) as an adult,  it's so refreshing to discover a new artist making the kind of music that makes you fall in love with these genres again - without feeling like you've been transported back to being an awkward teenager.

'Alright, Kid' is YØUTH's latest installment to be revealed from his forthcoming album, 'Blame' - stoking that old fire of familiar emo/ pop punk melodies, alongside a warm, consolable vocal and dense, technical arrangements. Anthemic and consolidatory, 'Alright Kid' offers a very clever and textured call and response between the lyrics and the instrumentation throughout. But as the resounding mantra of "You’re gonna be alright, kid" cries out, met with searing guitar rhythms and uplifting drum sections, the feeling of solidarity and recovery is truly solidified.

For me, YØUTH's music evokes the feeling associated to that best friend you don't see very often, but who you always come back to.  I'm really excited for the album to drop.

Words of Karla Harris
'Blame' LP is due for release Friday 20th October 2017.