Introducing: Pretty Pistol

Do you remember punk like it used to be? Blood, sweat and pure anger. Gone are the days where Johnny Rotten swears on day time television. Gone are the days where the Clash smash their guitars into the stage floor. Gone are the days where, well punk, was well.....punk. 

Now its trendy to be punk, you can walk into Urban Outfitters and buy the punk look. Primark are selling bands logos of the Ramones to people who have never listened to them. So has punk finally died? 

In step South London's Pretty Pistol...

There is some very British about this band, it is like a mixture of the early screaming Gallows blended with 90s Grunge, and we can't help but love it. Spawning from a Hole concert back in 2010, the band have been working on their sound in tiny toilet Camden rehearsal spaces for a while now.

Their newest single 'Cry Wolf' is out on November 17th via SaySomething Records, and it is a short burst of what the band are capable of. Pure no bullshit punk. It is fast, its angry, and has certainly got our Sid Vicious hearts beating again.

Feature by Ant Adams

Pretty Pistol are supporting Drones at their album launch on the 21st November at London's Tamesis Dock. Their single for 'Cry Wolf' is out on the 17th November via SaySomething Records