Introducing: Passing Place

Championing an 'inherently Scottish sound' Glaswegian Indie Rock trio Passing Place should definitely be on your radar. 

Passing Place is the project of Will Coltart, Martin Bell and Craig McAllister who are inspired by the roster of Glasgow's Postcard Records (RIP), and contemporary Scottish bands such as Frightened Rabbit and The Twilight Sad.

Founded in late 2016, the band currently have two singles under their belts, 'Relinquish' - a haunting folk ballad that opens up spaciously, slowly simmering alongside a warm enveloping vocal before introducing catchy acoustic guitar strums and haunting harmonies. The track swells tenderly with the introduction of fuller layers, chiming out with comfort alongside the vulnerable lyrics  - 'I wish I could relinquish you'.

New single, 'Severance Pay' simmers with  emotive, ambient textures, tapping into melancholic lyrics. Dark vocal harmonies and foreboding atmospherics makes it clear this is much more serious in tone than it's predecessor, as Passing Place achingly wonder if it's worth cutting ties on a troubled relationship,  'Don't you know, the moment we stray from the road, is the moment we go it alone, and the moment we call it a day, with no severance pay'.

Passing Place seem to be creating mature, story-led, music born from loss, longing and basic human heartache. These themes displays themselves through thoughtful lyrics and evocative melodies that offer a rallying call of unity - easy to sing along to and hard to shake off the emotions they evoke in their listener.

Passing Place's raw and authentic, heartfelt songs are lovingly crafted, rooted on intricacy and an inherent love of indie folk/ indie rock and subtle post punk nuances.  I can't wait for more people to be talking about them.

Words of Karla Harris

Listen to Passing Place on Spotify, here