Harrison Storm - 'Change It All' (Single + Video)

Australia’s Harrison Storm shares his latest EP 'Change It All' (out now via Nettwerk Records) featuring the standout title track that now comes with visuals!
Ever been stuck in a rut? Caught in a downward spiral of negativity and self-doubt?  'Change It All' documents the moment when the way you've been living your life becomes a bit stale and you're calling out for better days. Hoping for a new state of mind.

As Storm searches for peace, the soundscape is tranquil, atmospheric and ambient. Affecting finger picking offers a constant warmth and comfort. Storm's vocal is instantly captivating, instantly likable. As the track develops, it takes on an ethereal and spiritual form, awakening the senses, grounding. Finding both connection with self and evoking the calming influences of the natural world.  Allowing both Storm and the listener to heal and unburden themselves from any negativity they may have been carrying.

'Change It All' is a tenderly crafted and emotive offering, but instead of carrying any air of self pity, Harrison Storm approaches the track from a beautifully introspective, soul-baring direction that cuts right to the very heart of the listener.

Words of Karla Harris