Listen: Hanna Turi - 'Four Leaf Clover' (Single)

Swedish singer songwriter Hanna Turi explores a new sonic direction in uplifting electronic pop single, 'Four Leaf Clover'. 

While Hanna Turi's 'Four Leaf Clover' consists of sonic elements I'd usually class as deal breakers when picking tracks to review (snappy percussion and futuristic synth for example), the track overall is SO good, I actually found myself  not being bothered by these sounds that would usually bother me!

Moving away from her piano focused sound, to working with producer Kristoffer Nilsson,  'Four Leaf Clover' is a multifaceted track with the chill factor, finding the right balance between electronic and organic elements of production. Hannah's vocal is very easy to become besotted with as it travels atop gritty pulsating beats and touching melodies that are surprisingly light, regardless of the lyrics, "Gotta get my shit together starting at the speed of light".

Despite the slight disarray in the lyrical theme, there is nothing chaotic or messy about the track. The production is polished and richly textured and is a clear indication of both Hanna's growth as an artist and a person finding their happy place in the world. But just when you think the song can't get any better, dreamy layers of  majestic synth takes the track to an exhilarating and magical place, removing the shackles of anything that might weigh you down and making you feel like anything is possible. What more could you want?

Words of Karla Harris