EP Review: Yonaka - 'Heavy'

Yonaka have finally done it! Put out an EP! And it is so good, it's sexy! 
We have followed these guys since we stumbled across them playing at the Old Blue Last back in January 2016 for a Great Escape Festival showcase. We know they have been away writing and aggressively playing the festival scene this summer, so we cannot express the words when we saw them announce that an EP was coming out.

Opening with 'Bubblegum' which is by far the most pop sounding track of theirs on the EP, but still giving it that Yonaka twist. Following that comes 'Run', which throws hints of Blondie blended with Florence vocals at you. We truly get to see that full abilities of Theresa Jarvis' vocals on this song, as she belts out note after note. But it isn't just the vocals that stand out on this track, its the whole structure of it, George Edwards' guitar sound beats down on through your body, while Alex Crosby and Robert Mason hold the madness in check at the back with the drums and bass guitar.

'All In My Head' takes us down a more sexy route with it's more slower vibe to it. 'Gods and Lovers' is a familiar track from their live set up, and it our favorite track on the album. The only downside to it though, is that when played live the track is an absolute beast. But how do you top a raw Yonaka song being played live? You can't really.

When someone asks us what Yonaka sound like, we always say 'like a sexy Tarantino film soundtrack', and with this release we still stand by that. The EP is exactly what we wanted from the band, it is mainstream while still being underground, it is raw, it is sexy, and it is pure Yonaka.

'Heavy EP' is released through Asylum/Atlantic on Friday 6 October 2017

Review by Ant Adams