Artist of the Week #0019: TUSKS

Photo Credit - Harvey Pearson

This week's Artist of the Week is TUSKS (aka Emily Underhill), who releases her debut album, 'Dissolve' today via One Little Indian
We had a chat with her about the album, her plans for the rest of the year and the unexpected choice of including a cover of Foals - 'London Thunder'.

What are the ideas and themes behind the album?
I wanted to create an album with production that could take you away to somewhere else - something a bit other worldly and ethereal that listeners could put their own spin and meaning on. I think thats why I don't really like saying what my music is written about- as soon as I put a context on it it stops that happening in some way? It's influenced a lot by travelling and nature in the production.

How would you describe it to someone who has never listened to you before?
Some people have described it as dark - pop or David Lynch pop - I kinda like those.

Where was it recorded? Any behind the scenes studio stories?
It was recorded between a couple of studios in London and a barn in France. Brett (who produced the album with me) and I both love experimenting around with production and using slightly weird techniques so there's things like time stretched recordings of Cicadas included in the tracks and the sound of a plane flying overhead used as a drone. I also sang into the guitar pick ups as a microphone on one of the songs which made a really interesting recording.

You covered ‘London Thunder’ by Foals recently, what made you choose that song?
I've loved that album by Foals for ages but I was listening to 'London Thunder' on the way home from Canada last year and it really hit me so I covered it and loved playing it. We only recorded it because we had a spare half an hour at the end of a studio session in Lightship but it felt right to end the album with it.

What are the plans for the rest of the year?
I'm heading to play Iceland Airwaves at the start of November which I'm so excited about, then returning to London for a headline show at Kamio on the 15th November before more shows across Europe!

'Dissolve' is out now via One Little Indian, and TUSKS is having an album launch at London's Kamio on the 15th November 2017