The Duo Explains: Superstrings - 'Duet'

Munich duo Superstrings talk to us about their spectacular DIY visuals for 'Duet' documenting their journey on a Munich tram line on New Years Eve!'
Duet' is a thrilling slow burner of a track, sprawling 9 minutes 37 seconds of ethereal vocals, haunting classical arrangements, psychedelic flourishes, trip hop rhythms and jazz infused textures. The track is taken from Superstrings  'Sound of Slow' album which was released 2015 via their own digital label,  Man High Music.

Superstrings Explains: 
Where was the video for 'Duet' filmed?
The video was filmed on New Year’s Eve traveling on the tramline 19 through Munich, Germany, which drives past some key spots of Munich, like a few bridges and the city centre. These are popular places where Munich people like to party around midnight and watch the fireworks. Additional footage was taken from studio recording sessions and live material.

How does the video/ footage compliment the song?
Well, the song is about the intimate and close feeling toward a person that is like a soul mate – lover or friend, male or female. When you are together with this person, you feel secure, understood and are completely yourself; all senses are focused and you forget time and place. So the video shows the way through a chaotic, even war-like and alien environment to the person you identify as a haven, a safe place and as coming home.

Any behind the scenes stories?
The video has entirely been made by Marc and myself (Carolin) - from the story and filming all the way to the colour grading and editing. We went on the very last carriage of the tram only 15 minutes before midnight, plugged a Gopro on the rear window and we also filmed extra singing scenes with a Canon camera. The singing scenes were shot in slow-motion but sung in double time, hence the fireworks explode in an unreal slowmo. Shooting the video was an extraordinary experience that has hardly been captured in the video. We were exposed to the partying people in a neon bright, almost empty tram, watching the surreal apocalyptic party environment. We were literally under fire and had a bottle of champagne with us!

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
The different layers, reflections and mirror images, the smoke and exploding fireworks create a surreal and chaotic atmosphere, since they’re all in slow motion. In contrast the psychedelic mood of the song shows the withdrawn inner state of mind.

What is the message you hope people take from watching the video?
Even if you feel alien and lost in an estranged world, you can still find your way to yourself. If you find yourself, you can cope with even a surreal world. Or people just let their own thoughts and feelings flow and hopefully get drawn into the sound, pictures and atmosphere.

Interview Feature by Karla Harris