The Artist Explains: Parlour - 'Forgive Forget' (Video)

London-based artist Parlour talks to us about her recent minimal music video for her single 'Forgive Forget'. 

How was the video for filmed?
I had a (possibly masochistic) curiosity to see if I could make a video myself, its a lot of work, if you don’t know how to do any of it! But I figured my idea was simple enough to achieve on my own. So I borrowed a camera, and roped in two friends (also not professionals!) into filming. I fell in love with the lighting in a scene from a Georges Clouzot film - of course I don’t think I achieved anything like that! - but I took from it a moment with a strobe on a face and ran with it. I always like music videos that have one strong visual that you can describe in one line.

How does the video compliment the song?
I wanted the whole video to be a little twitchy on the eye and uncomfortable, and the face to be slightly ominous, and for nothing to be ‘pretty’. The visuals follow as the music changes. A twin face that appears in the second verse pairs with the key change, and also adds another perspective to how the words can be interpreted. Finally ending with a mirror, or two parts of one person, or facing inwards instead of outwards? Its not for me to decide how you view it.

Any behind the scenes stories?
It was mainly filmed in a pitch black studio, including balancing on a high stool to get a good background. Getting to/from the light switches to start filming was precarious to say the least! Also, my hair was bright pink at the time of filming, which is why it ended up in black and white.

What is the message of the video trying to convey and tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
Everything changes.