Single Review: lycio - 'Saharan King'

Birmingham contemporary 3-piece lycio get contemplative in their second release of the year, 'Saharan King'. 

The emotion lycio inject into 'Saharan King' reminds me of how it would feel to attempt to outrun a sandstorm that's moving in slow motion; you're always thinking you're one step ahead and then it starts to move in real time, you're surrounded, and you realise there's no chance of escape. You're getting seriously choked up and you're still claiming it's just a bit of dust in your eye.

lycio create aesthetic soundscapes that are meant to be felt and 'Saharan King' is no exception. Slightly more depleted in energy than it's predecessor, 'Saharan King' is an ever-evolving lifeform with its own pulsating heartbeat and writhing, warped synth structure that almost feels systemic. It makes me think this is what it would feel like to live inside someone else's bloodstream (wow that sounds creepy right?).

Anyway, listening to lycio is the panic attack you can't wait to have. lycio are proficient in creating intense, slow burning tracks comprised of  both unconventional and popular sounds, always wondering what direction they might take next and still being surprised by the power of the climax.

Lead singer Genny Mendez's distinctive vocal is extraordinarily evocative with an incredibly moving range and the band make sure that, despite what is going on in the immersive soundscape, their songs remain strongly vocal and lyric-led, creating affecting pop melodies that even your mum would give a nod of approval towards.

lycio are creative, hugely talented and 100% the real deal. I can't wait to hear more people saying their name.

Words of Karla Harris

'Saharan King' was mixed by Craig Davis and mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Alex Wharton.