Single Review: Belle Mt - 'Hollow'

London based artist Belle Mt shares, 'Hollow', the haunting lead single from his upcoming 8-track album.

'Hollow''s exaggerated opening fills its listener with suspense, conjuring thoughts of soundtracks that accompany the terrifying moments in horror films (or the climactic false alarms!) indicating from the offset that Belle Mt is influenced by dramatic cinematic arrangements. In this instance, the terror aspect of the introduction is only a tease and the song does not make for a tense listening experience, although it is sometimes emotionally turbulent.

Instead, Belle Mt's 'Hollow' is a wonderfully eclectic journey through contemporary pop, traditional aspects of brooding folk, subtle electronica and cinematic melodies - a combination intricately executed,  sandwiching rich layers in-between wistful, stripped back arrangements.

Through poetic lyricsm, Belle Mt gets to the heart of the song -  narrating a sincere and touching tale, depicting adoration for a woman who cannot be loved because she does not love herself, seemingly damaged by something or someone that has changed the way she sees herself. Poignantly documenting a love story that almost, but never quite was.  "I told her she was special, she almost let me in, but she couldn't bare the thought of digging up the heart that she'd been burying".

Belle Mt [Spoken; Belle-Mont] is the project of London based artist Matt Belmont who worked on 'Hollow' (and the upcoming album) with Nashville producer Femke Weidema. If lead single 'Hollow' is anything to go by, we're expecting bold and beautiful things from the rest of the album!

 Words of Karla Harris