Introducing: RUNAH - 'This Silence'


Manchester based RUNAH releases her striking new single, 'This Silence' which confronts the need to talk about mental health as a society.

Inspired by mythology, psychology and poetry, and influenced by human behaviour, RUNAH's 'This Silence' draws on all of these influences to call out the monsters that plague our minds, (the real and imagined), how they affect  not only us but the people around us, and stresses the importance of feeling free enough to speak of them.

Veiled in dark aesthetics, 'This Silence' is a melting pot of  stunning avant garde ideas, seeing fascinating sonic textures evolve to transfix their listener into looking past the initial eerie discomfort, to be still and listen. 

While the production is a huge part of the track's allure, becoming the initial catalyst that bridges the gap between art and emotion, it is RUNAH's haunting folk vocal and the intriguing second vocal that holds the most power for us, locked in a battle of darkly poetic lyricism, ultimately searching for love and light.

RUNAH states, 'the song, lyrically, explores feelings of isolation, pain and bodily disconnection, which can be felt not only by the sufferer, but also by those who seek to support them. It's of great importance to me to acknowledge both parties'.

'This Silence' comes with  accompanying visuals, shot between a disused warehouse in Ancoats, Manchester and on National Trust land, features creative modern dance techniques, often a centrepiece of RUNAH's captivating live performances. 'This Silence' is RUNAH's second single and is taken off the debut EP, 'We Only Go To Church In Winter', to be released in full over the next few months.

Words of Karla Harris