Listen: Ofelia K - 'Killing Me (Go Sun Come Moon)' (Single)

LA alt-pop artist Ofelia K shares new single Killing Me (Go Sun Come Moon)', a spectral successor to her former cut 'Killing Me'. 

It's very easy to see why Ofelia K's own brand of offbeat alt pop has made such a huge impression over the past couple of years. There's something very raw and unassuming about the music that she makes, it comes from a real place where you can tell first and foremost that she makes the kind of music that she wants to. It comes secondary - but very luckily - that it's a sound that so many people resonate with.

Like day changing to night, 'Killing Me (Go Sun Come Moon)' sees the sunshine disappear from the original working replaced by a haunting, dark, chill. Gone is the playful bounce to the melodies and basking in the warmth of the synth. Instead, Ofelia K plays around with wonky strings and minimalist percussion. Experimenting with apparitional samples and exuding vulnerability and sadness in her vocal that better reflects the lyrical theme, instead of the quirky lightness to her voice in the original.

There's something really special about Ofelia K that goes beyond explanation. I find everything she does truly beautiful. Truly addictive, truly fascinating.

Words of Karla Harris

'Killing Me (Go Sun Come Moon)' is available now via South By Sea.