Single Review: Mitch King - 'Burning'

Nomadic singer-songwriter Mitch King releases evocative folk single, 'Burning'.

It's very easy to make folk-rooted songs that fall under the label of pleasant, yet lacking in imagination. Often, we hear the same chord progressions, the same echoed vocals telling the same deflated stories.That's why it's so important that there's musicians like Mitch King around who sees his contemporaries, yet aims to stand up against them, instead of blending in next to them.

'Burning' is a hugely heartfelt and ultimately, uplifting, song.  Affecting guitar notes fill the track with warmth like a summer breeze skimming a still sea, as dusty, stomping percussion helps keep the track driving forwards. Mitch's vocal takes on many forms,from bluesy folk to alternative rock to smooth 80s, always impressing,  always delivered with sincerity and conviction.

As the track changes in dynamics, additional layers add evocative textures to the song. Sometimes moody, sometimes haunting, sometimes scorching with the burn of the sun, as the engaging lyrical content searches for catharsis amidst conflicting emotions. It's no surprise to hear that Mitch wrote this song whilst on the road, it has a wandering, reflective, nature to it that reminds me of the spaces in between each mile, with no definitive place to call home, just you and the sky.

On the track Mitch King explains: “Recording ‘Burning’ was the most enjoyable experience I’ve had in the studio so far. It was a whole lot of fun working together with Blake Malone and I felt my passion, as an artist was equalled by his passion as a producer. I’m very content with this track and it’s an accurate interpretation of my thoughts at the moment. We’ve brought new ideas to the table and I’m chuffed with the way this one’s turned out.”

If you're lucky enough to be in Australia, check out the tour poster at the bottom of the page, for Mitch King's upcoming live dates.

Words of Karla Harris