Artist To Check Out: Miles Horn - 'Stranded In Emotions' (Single)


South West London singer songwriter Miles Horn releases his brand new single 'Stranded In Emotions',  a contemporary blend of soul-rock with a funky edge.

Honing influences that date back to 60's English rock, it's not surprise that Miles Horn's 'Stranded In Emotions' is built on foundations of maturity.  Miles Horn makes a seamless transition between the affecting, atmospheric arrangements that opens the track, to the sultry funk groove that permeates the majority of the song, to the raw classic rock guitar solo that somehow manages to remain current and doesn't age the song at all.

On the track Miles explains, "this song is really about the void that follows innocent young love. It’s about the pushes and pulls of anyone who has become a little disillusioned with romance, exploring the often conflicting emotions of your head, heart and innate curiosity. I guess in some sense it’s a realistic interpretation, it’s not a rose-tinted view."

'Stranded In Emotions' is sometimes brooding, sometimes uplifting, always stirring. The production is polished without losing its authenticity and Miles' seductive yet guarded vocal delivery fits the track's theme and title perfectly. With the announcement of a a headline show at the Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston on September 13th as well as embarking on an extensive London tour in the Autumn, it would be wise to keep an eye on Miles Horn as he continues to make his unique mark on the indie scene.

Words of Karla Harris