Introducing: Lloyd Llewellyn - 'Long Way Down' (Single)

UK Based singer-songwriter Lloyd Llewellyn releases his exceptional debut single, 'Long Way Down'.

Having already achieved national and regional radio plays with just his demos, 'Long Way Down' marks the first official release for Lloyd Lewellyn, showcasing a contemporary sound built on the foundations of an early passion for blues music.

'Long Way Down'  is an evocative listen, that takes its time to fully impact, yet immerses its listener from the offset. Lonely piano chords open this piece as Lloyd's distinguished vocal has his listener connected and invested from the moment he starts to sing with a quivering intensity, telling a conflicted and introspective story of lost hope, all consuming self doubt, and the refusal to give up.

The atmosphere in 'Long Way Down' is palpable as brooding trumpets flitter in and out, adding a smoky haze to the piece. And then the track slowly and dramatically crescendos into a cacophony of tumbling percussion and trembling textures, inviting the listener to stand on the precipice of Lloyd's thoughts and emotions, forcing us to look over the edge and imagine what a fall from great heights might feel like.

After this climactic lose of control that somehow serves as an epiphany, 'Long Way Down' retains its cool and composure, fading out with tentative piano notes in the same way it begins. Leaving its listener haunted by the glacial chill embedded in the song, even after the music stops playing. Making you feel like something truly special has just happened. 

Words of Karla Harris