Live Review: The Sherlocks, Judas & Indigo Husk - Heaven, London 22/09/2017

The Sherlocks are a band who are constantly gaining momentum, due to the loyal fan base and fast energy show performances. We sent our girl Heather Lowe to check out their show at London's Heaven, with support coming from Judas and Indigo Husk

Opening the show were London’s own, Indigo Husk. Unfortunately I missed part of the opening song down to being stuck in the queue, but I could hear the riffs and vocals from outside the venue, and from what I could hear I couldn’t wait to get in and see what the band were about and what they were going to bring to the set.

From the moment I entered the room I could see the crowd enjoying the psychedelic and grunge sound that the band were producing during their time on the stage. The energy the four piece had was unreal, I don’t think a member of the band stood still at any point. Every song the band performed ended with a round of applause and cheers from the room. As soon as I turned around the crowd were throwing around a lone red balloon, and I couldn’t help but think is there some sort of it prank going on but nonetheless the crowd looked like they were having a great time. Indigo Husk, had an indie rock vibe to their set which I find myself getting lost into, I wasn’t sure if was the vocals, the guitars or the energy they had, but whatever it was I loved it, and honestly I expect great things from this band and cannot wait to see where they go from that performance.

Indigo Husk - Heaven - London - 22/09/17

Next to grace the stage with their presence were Judas, after recently opening at Reading and Leeds Festival as well as recently releasing their latest single Ceasefire the band were ready to perform their set for the evening. The band entered the room with a roar from the crowd.

JUDAS - Heaven - London - 22/09/17

Judas were certainly a band who grabbed my attention on the night. From start to finish of their set the band were so fluid song to song. Judas had a much more rock vibe to them which I loved. The stage presence and crowd interaction this band provided was surreal. Fans were singing along with the band, the amount of applause they were receiving when each part of their set ended was glorious. Judas had a style that stood out for me, and you could see the impact they were having on the crowd in the room. The energy in the room that this band managed to create within a short space of time was something I hadn't personally witnessed in a long time but it was absolutely incredible. The chords, vocals and drum beats were so perfectly combined, there was nothing about their set that I could dislike. As soon I reached the back of the room I could see the fans thoroughly enjoying themselves, even with the single red balloon being thrown about the room which reminded of something I would expect from IT, nonetheless it was brilliant to see a support act get a room so hyped up for the headlining act.

After having the pleasure of seeing headliners The Sherlocks earlier on this year, I was pumped to see how they’d perform tonight. With their debut albums ‘Live For The Moment’ being released earlier on this month I was looking forward to seeing how the tracks would sound live.

The Sherlocks - Heaven - London - 22/09/17

As soon as the lights dimmed, the band entered the stage one by one, the first of the band entered with a moonwalk to show off his new light up shoes, as soon as the band were on stage they entered with a massive roar from the crowd.

As soon as the first few chords and beats of the drums began the fans followed in suit by singing along with the band, and honestly if that was how the show was going to start it was already going to be a killer set from The Sherlocks. If the first few songs of their set were anything to go by it was understandable why the band were hitting the charts with their debut album. The Sherlocks are a band who know how to put on a performance, but that didn’t mean the show was to go without that one technical fault part way through, however that didn’t prevent the fans singing the words for vocalist Kiaran while he had a quick mic change. If anything seeing the fans do their thing was a beautiful sight to witness especially as the rest of the band had continued on. Within a few the rest of the set was ready to go, and the band had carried on from where they left of.

Have you really seen a live show if a band haven’t slowed it down, had a quick guitar change and they’re about to perform an acoustic? Vocalist Kiaran shouted ‘somebody get me a rum’ just before he was about to kick off with the first few chords of Motions. The further through the crowd I looked, I could see fans on one another shoulders while other fans were swaying away with band, it was honestly a highlight of the set as it had the intimacy every show needs.

The set was ended with their title track ‘Live For The Moment’ every time Kiaran stopped singing the fans continued by chanting the chorus back to them “Please don’t try and run before you can walk, and don’t jump the gun’ if you could find a single person in that room not singing along to those lyrics wherever you looked I would be surprised. By the time the final few beats of the drums and chords were played the set had come to a close, however that did anything but stop the fans carrying on chanting the chorus, even leaving the room fans were still singing that one line and I loved being able to witness so many happy fans leave such an amazing show. I’m looking forward to seeing where The Sherlocks go from here, I definitely feel like this is a band that are going to the world by storm in the next 12 months.

Review and Photography by Heather Lowe