Live Review: Charly Bliss - The Old Blue Last, London 13/09/2017

Ladies and gentlemen, can we please have your attention. We have an important announcement. 

Charly Bliss. Are officially... our new favouite band! 

With only a few EPs and a new album ('Guppy'), the band have crashed into their first UK tour with a huge bang. 

East London's Old Blue Last is sold out tonight for their headline show, and the band enter on stage like a group of giggling school children, buzzing off the excitement of how many people came to see their band. For a first headline show in the capital, and to sell it out, it is rather impressive. With a set of mostly songs from their debut album, the room seems to know every lyric already. With lead singer Eva Hendricks encouraging them to sing-a-long at every moment she gets. For a band that has barely played in the UK, their fanbase is certainly dedicated to them.

Their stage presence is almost like a cartoon, its childlike and playful, and the connection between the members as they play clearly shows that they love performing together. Their energy is like if Roger Rabbit formed a rock and roll band. They had us smiling from start to finish!

It has been a while where a band has come along and just blown our minds, with their sound and live performance.

So, it is official Charly Bliss is our new favourite band!

Charly Bliss - The Old Blue Last - London 13/09/2017

Photography and Review by Ant Adams