Live Review: Banfi & Bryde - The Lexington, London 12/09/2017

We have been in love with Banfi for a while, starting back early this year when they headlined the Old Blue Last, then when they supported Bear's Den on tour. So how do you follow that?

With a perfect sold out night at London's legendary venue, The Lexington.

Bryde opens the night for the Banfi boys, and I can't help but be drawn to her, and by the looks of it, the whole room feels the same. 'Transparent' is the stand out song from her set list, where her vocals are magical as it travels around the room.

Bryde - The Lexington - 12/09/2017

To sell out a venue is a tough challenge, but to do so in London is even harder. So when Banfi walked onto the stage, the look on their faces when they saw the sea of people that travels to the back of the room, they were truly surprised.

Banfi - The Lexington - 12/09/2017

Banfi isn't one of those bands, where you can go jump around to, it just doesn't suit their vibe or sound. However someone once told me, that Banfi is for the real music lovers and that is what the Lexington is filled with tonight. You look around and you see people smiling and making eye contact with each other, connecting silently as Banfi takes them on a journey through their set list. There was a moment during 'Happy When You Go' where the crowd sing the song back to the band. And you can see them completely taken back by it. It is charmingly beautiful.

After tonight's sold out performance, we shall certainly be keeping an eye on Banfi. They are a band that are continuously gaining speed. So.... what next lads??

Photography and Review by Ant Adams